Velocity Growth Companies is consolidating care for the future of medicine

Consolidation of Productive Assets

Efficient seller-financed transactions that keep physicians engaged and working during a productive management transition.

Efficient Use of an MSO

Streamlining services removes the task from the hands of physicians who currently spend 30% of their time doing non-clinical work.

Experienced Medical Professionals

Velocity is owned and operated by experienced medical & business professionals, leveraging a diverse leadership team.

Strong Market Momentum

With recent public market healthcare transactions from both Amazon and CVS, Velocity is following a larger trend in American healthcare to consolidate the delivery of primary care. Prioritizing regular checkups and preventative care, Velocity believes primary care is the key to a healthier population.

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Streamlined Services

30% of a physician’s time is spent completing non-clinical tasks. By utilizing an efficient Managed Services Organization (MSO), Velocity streamlines all non-clinical operations so the physician can focus on what they love most: seeing patients.

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Formation of a Risk-Bearing Organization

With the accumulation of medical practices and their patients, Velocity aims to form an expertly managed risk bearing organization to better serve those patients and focus on a market-wide transition to value-based care.

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Planned expansion in suburban markets

Velocity’s current operations are focused in central California and plans to expand to other productive suburban markets in the Western U.S.


Medical practices in suburban markets are often ignored by larger Managed Service Organizations and provide substantial value to their local communities.

Velocity Growth Companies Expansion Map

Our Management

Our executive management team features deeply experienced business & medical professionals.

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